About Scout Network

The Scout Network is a group of 18 - 25 olds who meet in a Scout County or District and have an interest in both Scouting and their own presonal development. They take part in activities, which they undertake and organise amongst themselves and meet when they want to, perhaps weekly, monthly, or once a quarter. Adults aged between 18-25 are eligible to register as a Scout Network member subject to a staisfatory criminal records check.

Membership of the Scout Network is flexible. Once someone becomes a member, they automatically become a member of all Scout Networks across the UK. As part of the Scout Network they can undertake Scouting in any combination of the roles listed below:

The Scout Network is quite different from the other four Sections of The Scout Association in the way it operates. It is an adult Section that benefits from greater opportunities around adventurous activities, tailored personal development and programmes to suit the local membership.

More Information on Scout Network

You can also visit the Derbyshire Scout Network website for more information on Scout Network